About Us

Remarkplast GROUP a.s. is a holding company. This form is the basis for internal organisational solutions for the product and marketing activities of its individual companies, as well as a closer focus on the achievement of strategic interests, where emphasis is placed on increasing the efficiency of all internal processes.

Trading activities of Remarkplast GROUP a.s. are handled by the trading company Remarkplast compounding a.s. with a branch in Slovakia, while production activities are handled by the companies Remarkplast s.r.o. and Remarkplast Slovakia s.r.o.

Its main mission is the long-term development of these companies and the creation of common relations in the provision of comprehensive product solutions for various industries. The products and services of the members of the holding company are sought-after by customers from around the world, especially in the automotive, engineering, electronics and consumer industries.

 Certified Laboratory 

Testpolymer EU s.r.o. is an independent test laboratory accredited by the CAI in compliance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. (Accredited Body No. 1595).

It focuses closely on the areas of mechanical, thermal and other properties of polymers. It provides customers with first-rate comprehensive solutions according to their requirements.

Thanks to long-standing operation in the field, it can be sure of the high quality of the results which it supplies to both its domestic and international customers.